Any scholar that receives funds from Washington University in St. Louis must go through the appropriate payroll process. Every foreign national at WashU will have to file a tax return at the end of the calendar year, regardless of whether income was received or not. This portion of the website provides information about those processes.

Work Authorization

Before you begin work of any kind, or accept payment of any kind from a U.S. source, make sure you have appropriate documentation of your work authorization.

WashU Payroll Process

In order to receive a check of any kind from WashU, whether it be salary, stipend, assistantship, fellowship, etc., foreign nationals must complete the Foreign National Payroll Process. Instructions are available to assist with the Foreign National Information System portion of the process.

Social Security Numbers

A social security number is required for any person in the U.S. who will receive funding from a U.S. source. There are specific documents and timelines to be aware of before making the application, so be sure to check out our Social Security Number page for complete information.

Filing Taxes

The phrase “filing taxes” refers to the act of the required yearly reporting of income to the federal and state government. Even if no income was received, foreign nationals must still file a federal return – a state return may be required as well. See Filing Tax Returns pages for more information.

Tax Scams

Every year scams go around in attempts to trick people out of their money. Read about these common scams on our Avoiding Tax Scams page to make sure you don’t become a victim.

Additional Information

More information on taxes and WashU policies in relation to international taxation can be found on the WashU Financial Services webpage for Payment to Foreign Individuals.

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