The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) embraces Washington University in St. Louis’ mission of recruiting and retaining the most promising and accomplished students and scholars from around the world. These students and scholars enhance the diversity of both the university and St. Louis communities by integrating global perspectives into conversations in the classroom, campus venues and the greater community. The OISS enables international students and scholars to thrive academically and socially by meeting their unique needs and engaging them in American life and culture.

To promote success for international students and scholars, the OISS:

  • Collaborates with campus and community partners to provide a comprehensive set of resources and support services
  • Assists Washington University’s international populations by facilitating a smooth transition to and integration into the cultures of the U.S., the St. Louis community and the university
  • Offers English language support to strengthen academic and professional communication skills
  • Provides expertise on immigration and visa matters relevant to our international students and scholars