Before leaving Washington University, you should give appropriate notice to your department. Your department will then notify the OISS by completing your appointment in HRMS.

If you are staying in the U.S. and transferring to another institution

You must contact OISS before you leave the university. You will need to provide OISS with the name of your new institution, and the phone number and email address of the advisor who oversees the J-1 program. OISS will contact your new J-1 program sponsor to arrange the transfer in the Student & Exchange Visitors Information System (SEVIS).

You must transfer before the end date on your DS-2019.

If you are leaving the U.S.

Review the tax information before leaving the U.S., as you are responsible for filing tax forms in April even if you are no longer in the U.S.

Be certain that you leave the U.S. within the time period stated by the regulations of your visa status. If you are not certain of the regulations, please consult with an international scholar advisor at the OISS.

When you leave the U.S., keep all of your original visa documents for your records. Print your updated I-94 record.